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Invisible Ink Black Light

Invisible ink pen is the perfect tool for marking up your inkguide. Biz or product. This blue light responsive marker is perfect for using on inkguide. Biz elements such as videos, images or product images.

Permanent Invisible Ink

Permanent invisible ink is a kind of ink that is used only for special or unique documents. It can be used to create a document that is not subject to public view.

Invisible Ink Black Light Ebay

The pen has a new design which makes it easy to use. It is black, blue, and yellow. It is the perfect pen for creative people who want to write. the invisible ink marker pen is the perfect tool for writing with flashlight light colors or light colors for an reactive effect. The pen has a standard ink marker shape and is made of durable materials that will never fall apart. the invisible ink pen has been updated with a spooky light magicy effect. Now you can easily see what's up behind your paper while writing. the inked pen has two lights that work in unison to create a magical power in dark places. The pen can be used with children's eyes or with lights in their room to create a momentous moment in their drawing.